Dressing like a Queen

Every woman wants deep inside her to be treated with respect and valued, and hopes to find a man that will commit to love and respect her for their whole life having tied the knot of marriage with her. But still, when we women try our best to be attractive and subconsciously try to get some attention, admiration and respect we find the men keeping their distance. We feel cheapened and tossed from relationship to relationship. The men may find us interesting but none of them want to commit even for a month, forget about marriage! They complement us, but then they complement other women too, so where do we stand? Where’s the respect for us? We tried to be the most beautiful and attractive that we can be so where did we go wrong?

The answer is our clothing!

Precious woman, modest clothing adds beauty to you, honor, respect, favor and protection. It gives you a more respectable and luxurious image. Just as a queen wouldn’t dare wear short clothing or something revealing for she’d become the most cheapened queen known, the same thing is with you! When you treat yourself with respect and clothe yourself modestly, you’ll be treating yourself like a queen and that’s how other people will treat you too!

What to wear?
Skirts that cover the knees, a blouse that covers the body with sleeves to the elbows without revealing cuts, non-sheer stockings, covered hair even with multi-colored and beautiful head coverings, single women can have uncovered gathered hair, shoes and sandals that are dignified, and that’s it! You’re good to go! More modest, more beautiful, more unique and more dignified!

But it’s hard for me to do… What should I do?

Pick one thing at a time form the list. After you get used to it, take another. G-d sees you from heaven and when you respect yourself you’re also treating G-d with respect. If G-d sees you trying will He not reward you accordingly? The moment you accept true modesty upon yourself you will merit seeing miracles and great successes in your life. You will immediately feel that people treat you with respect, value and admiration. If you’re single, you’ll find your true match with someone committed to you, loving and stable and truly for your whole life!

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