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Ex-CIA Chief Woolsey on the Iranian Deal and US-Israel relations

In September, 2016, Former CIA chief and Undersecretary of the Navy James Woolsey, a registered Democrat, crossed party lines to become Donald Trump’s senior national security adviser.

in a Fox radio interview Woolsey said the incoming Trump administration was likely to alter or reject the Iran nuclear deal pushed by the Obama White House.

“It’s a terrible agreement,” Woolsey continued, “it’s the worst I’ve ever come across in nearly 40 years of negotiating agreements with the Soviets. Anybody who brought that agreement back as something that was effective and verifiable should have been laughed out of Washington.”

“The [Iranians] can call anything, on the spur of the moment, a military facility and therefore can’t be inspected. If I’m an inspector and I start out to go inspect something, before I get there they turn it into a military facility. 

“They never disseminated all of the paperwork that had to be disseminated. So the steps that are obligatory to us – paying the funds that have been withheld from banks and so forth – should never have been paid. It is really a very, very bad and dangerous agreement because it lulls us into a false sense of security and it is not going to be an effective restraint on the Iranians.”

He added that the Iranian regime has a history of evading treaty obligations. “The Iranians never don’t cheat.”

Woolsey added that the Trump White House would strengthen the US-Israel relationship. “I think that we’re headed back towards the old days where the US and Israel worked very closely together and had each other’s back. We will hopefully get away from the Obama administration propensity to treat your friends – like Israel – as enemies and your enemies – like Iran – as friends.”


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