Gallery: Fascinating Natural Phenomena you Won’t Believe Exist

The lightning of Catatumbo: A phenomenon that takes place over Lake Venezuela for half a year, every night, for 10 hoursA huge blue hole on one of the shores of the state of Belize (Central America). Diameter: over 300 meters, and a depth of 124 metersCloud formations called 'Undulatus Asperatus'When magnesium, calcium and sodium accumulate in one place: The dotted lake of CanadaWhen a thunderstorm coincides with volcanic ash, then this rare phenomenon occursThe magical circles of the Namibian desert, which are commonly believed to be caused by giant colonies of termitesThis is what happens when salt water meets with fresh water. Lake Natron in TanzaniaImpressive construction: 40,000 square basalt columns on the shores of Ireland

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