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Help Me Believe I Can Repair

Help me pray from true faith that You cleanse and purify me

To pray from the true faith that I stand before You and we’ve reached the level of Adam before the sin

And the gates of heaven are still open so I can still nullify decrees!

Now as the gates are closing is the time of signing that which You decreed on man for reward and

Punishment and at this time please help me remove any distortions and arouse compassion in the upper

Worlds, for all gates are closed besides the gates of tears.

And even if G-d-forbid a bad decree was signed, through tears it can be reversed for good.

The illumination You send me on Yom Kippur depends on me alone and the more I prepare my heart the

more light I will attain. So please help me close these days with a small resolution to accompany me this

coming year, a true resolution that has great value for it exonerates me on the day of judgment!

Help me commit to my relationship with You and allow me to take the light of Yom Kippur with me for

the entire year through the small resolution I accept upon myself.

Allow me to sign my signature for You just as You want to inscribe me for a good life and peace

So too help me choose to sign myself a signature of true commitment, steady and consistent with You to

sign myself to life with You for the entire upcoming year.

My resolution for this year (without a vow) is ______________________________________

Signed __________________________________

Remember the strength of your signature in this world will be mirrored in the upper world.
It is most important to conclude the fast of Yom Kippur with a feeling of unburdening on one hand , yet with a strong inner will to keep the relationship and closeness To G-d that you have now for the whole year and this is done through your resolution.

You should then feel like a newborn baby!

A clean house will help you get the clean mindset for Yom Kippur and in this way we will do the first mitzvot of the year with forethought and care.  

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