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Hidabrut Headlines in 60 seconds

In Israel;
Fires in Haifa: A fire broke out in Haifa and caused damage to the “Carmelit” underground cable car railway. It is estimated that the “Carmelit” will be out of commission for two months.
Three el-Al flights were cancelled last night; to Moscow, New York and Boston.
Modiin Illith:  A toddler was burned in a fire at the beginning of Shabbat and was brought to Tel Hashomer Hospital.

“Iran is financing terror”: Houthi Rebels in Yemen mined the waters off the Yemen coast and the U.S. sent a destroyer in as a response. The U.S. defense secretary James Mattis said, ‘Iran is financing terror in the greatest scope worldwide.’
U.S. The State Department announced that it would permit people with valid visas to enter the U.S. This was after Trump attacked the judge who wanted to delay his order prohibiting citizens from seven nations to enter.
Politics  Marie Le-Pen French presidential candidate was interviewed by Israel channel 2 news and explained her support of wearing a kipa in public. “Just wear a hat”.
Opposition leader Isaac Herzog was admitted to the hospital over Shabbat with suspicion of a mild stroke. He was released after Shabbat.

Today is the 240th Yohrtzeit of the Rashash Rabbi Shalom Sharabi. He promised that whoever needs a salvation should pray by his grave, and his prayers will be accepted.
Israel weather: cold and partly cloudy. Kiryat Shemona 5-17, Katzrin 5-15, Safed 5-13, Tiberius 7-20, Nazareth 6-15, Haifa 7-17, Tel Aviv 7-17, Jerusalem 5-14, Ashkelon 8-17, Beer Sheba  5-18, Arad 4-15, Mitzpe Rimon 4-14, Eilat 9-22.    


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