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I Gave in and I Was Saved!

The Rosh Yeshiva’s opinion about segulot (spiritual remedies) is well known. Many people seek out various segulot to be saved from different things but they don’t realize the biggest segulah is to give in!

“The breaking of bad traits”, the Rosh Yeshiva would repeat, “is a tried and tested segulah. We see our Matriarch Sarah, who didn’t have children for years brought Hagar into her house in order to break her own character traits and merit having children. Rachel also did this…”

Many times when people turn to the Rosh Yeshiva with an alarmed request to merit having children, to find a proper match or to find salvation for his livelihood or disease the Rosh yeshiva would tell them: “Give in! Give in! There’s nothing like giving in!”

A story about this took place.

In a very large organization for Chessed- kindness, a huge argument broke out between the Chairman and one of the senior managers of the organization. The argument grew and became something personal between them.

After a while the chairman couldn’t stand it anymore. “Our relationship has been horrible anyway for a while. That being the case, I’ll fire the manager and hire someone in his stead…”

But before carrying out his drastic measure he went up to the Rosh Yeshiva to tell him over the whole story and why he wants to fire the manager he isn’t getting along with. He told the Rosh Yeshiva he wants to fire the manager and hire someone else and wanted to know if the Rosh Yeshiva thought it was a good idea.

The Rosh Yeshiva stroked his beard and listened and then sank into quiet thought for two minutes. Afterwards he came back out of his thoughts and said: “It is true that according to Halacha, Jewish law you can fire him. If your relationship with him is not good you are not obligated to keep him employed by you.”

“However”, the Rosh Yeshiva’s voice rose excitedly, “you and your wife are childless, waiting for children for many years. Here is your golden opportunity! Give in! Don’t fire him and in merit of giving in you will have a son! Give in and overcome this!”

The person asking the question had eyes full of tears. His lips trembled from crying as he nodded his head in agreement. “I agree I give in….”he said.

A year later all of Bnei Brak cried tears of happiness with the couple whose happiness knew no bounds when the Rosh Yeshiva was the Sandak of their baby boy’s Brit Milah- circumcision.


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