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A Resume in a Box of Doughnuts?

This is creative originality at its best!  Lukas Yla a young man in San Francisco sent his resume to prospective employers in a box of doughnuts.

If this sounds strange, you’re invited to listen to the strategy behind what he did. Lukas was into sales and marketing and was looking for a new job in that field. As far as he’s concerned, his approach was the best way to prove his marketing abilities and creativity.

Over the last few weeks Lukas went to over 40 marketing and High-Tech companies dressed up as a delivery man and asked to drop off his “delivery” by the head of human resources in each company.

Each employer upon opening the box was surprised to find fresh tasty doughnuts and an envelope inside with the following slogan written on it: “Most resumes end up in the trash. Mine -in your belly.” In the envelope was his resume that opens with the following: “Hey! This was not delivered to you by mistake. I got disguised as a delivery boy to make sure my resume would get to you personally.”

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From Lukas Yla's Twitter Page

If you are still wondering about this strange marketing strategy you’ll be surprised to know that it has proven itself in reality. Lukas said he received tens of invitations to come in for job interviews even before completely delivering all of his intended doughnuts. He explained simply: “I hoped that even if I wasn’t a good match for the job or if there was someone else better than me, at least they would pay some attention to me!”


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