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Iran: “We Only Need 5 Days to Make Weapon Grade Uranium”

Iranian National Television aired Ali Akbar Salhi who is the head of the Iranian Nuclear Agency. He said that Iran only needs 5 days to enrich their uranium to 20% pure, making it weapons grade if they decide to do this. (Thank You, Obama).

Iran claims that in 2015 it gave up most of the 20% grade uranium in its stockpiles as part of its agreement it signed with the US, China, Russia, UK, Germany and France. Under this agreement Iran can only enrich its uranium to the 5% level.

Iran threatens that if the US leaves the nuclear deal it will start to enrich its uranium to higher levels of purity. Iran claims its nuclear program is for peace purposes for producing energy and medicines. But the US, Israel and many more countries believe there is clear military intent in their program which led the US to bring back the sanctions that were formerly placed on Iran.

Last Week, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani threatened that if the US places additional sanctions Iran it will leave the nuclear pact. President Trump signed on such sanctions a few weeks ago against Iran, Russia and North Korea.  A State Department official said that the US is clear in its intent to sanction Iran and its reactions to Iranian threats.

Nikki Haley the US ambassador to the UN stated last week that: “We cannot allow Iran to take the world hostage using the nuclear agreement. Iran must take responsibility for its support of terror and violating UN resolutions.”


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