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How to be an Adult?

This is the first school of its type whose main purpose is to prepare young (or older) adults for life by providing them with the life skills they lack. You will find classes in wise economics, folding laundry, removing stains from clothing, interpersonal communication and simple food preparation like frying an omelet.

The school is headed by a dynamic duo. Rachel Weinstein, a psychiatrist and Katie Brunelle, a coach with a lot of classroom teaching experience joined forces after finding they had countless people turn to them previously with requests to learn life skills. In order to speak in the language of the young generation and draw them to their school the devised a special plan. Some of the classes are given in restaurants, bowling alleys and other places youth like. ‘Finally there’s a great way to learn and enjoy with friends, meet new people and eat good food!’ according to the school website.

“The idea of opening this school came from years of work with young adults who had a hard time dealing with lack of knowledge in paying bills or confusion in learning or their profession. These youngsters think they are the only ones on earth with these problems but the opposite is true. WE ALL deal with these problems but until now there was no official place to deal with them,” says psychiatrist Weinstein.

The school’s teachers don’t necessarily have diplomas in their fields. “Our professional staff was carefully chosen. These people are of the highest caliber. They succeeded in life because of interpersonal skills and not because of diplomas hanging on their wall”, Rachel and Katie both say. And before we forget, these people aren’t only successful; they are also prepared to impart their knowledge to other for nothing, as presently they do not draw a salary from the school. “Presently, our teaches are not getting paid for their classes but for the future we are definitely working on it.”

The school’s course list right now has the following virtual courses : “How to succeed in your next job interview”, ‘How to conduct yourself in an economically sound way’, ‘do it yourself’, ‘This is how you’ll take care of your health’ and more.


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