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Is a Cure for Alzheimer’s Here?

According to researchers in Oxford University there's good news for patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's.  A medicine named LMTX in capsule form can be taken twice a day and have major impact on the deterioration of brain tissue in Alzheimer's patients. After 9 months patients treated with the medicine were given MRI brain scans and the scans came out comparable to those of healthy people.

The medication has an ingredient that dissolves the protein which clogs the brain and causes Alzheimer's. According to TauRx Pharmaceuticals which makes the medicine, dissolving this protein prevents the gathering of it in the area of the brain responsible for memory and it can help people suffering from forgetfulness.

Professor Gordon Wilcock the head author of the Oxford study says: “I never saw such a healing of the brain as I have before this medicine or afterward either.”

The medicine which is still undergoing clinical trials can help patients do their daily tasks better such as bathing and getting dresses on their own and it also improves their ability to remember dates and names of different household items.


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