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ISIS leader al-Baghdadi releases a video statement: “Fight The Enemies of Allah”

As Iraqi troops get closer to enter the key city Mosul, ISIS Media released a recording of its leader al-Baghdadi, calling on some 5,000 fighters within the city to hold strong despite of Iraqi soldiers getting closer and closer to Mosul.

The 32 minutes recording holds the message: “This is what Allah and his Prophet promised us.”  ISIS leader al-Baghdadi called on suicide bombers to
destroy the cities of the “Allah's Rebels” as he's confident of a strong victory.  “The heating dispute, the general war and the Jihad of the Islamic State only strengthen our faith everything is dedicated to the great victory Allah has promised his followers”, said al-Baghdadi.

ISIS leader added “The Jews, Christians, Atheists, Shiites and other nations dedicated their money, military and media to fight against Moslems and the Jihad Fighters in Mosul being one of the strongest bases of Islam.  You withstood the American War Planes and its allies so stay strong.”


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