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Message to all Singles: Our thoughts are the Clothing of our Souls

My name is Gili Shushan, I’m an Israeli actor and I give classes in central Tel Aviv. One night after a class we had a LeChaim drink with the guys and at the end I grabbed one of the young men and asked him quietly so no one else will hear: “My dear soul, why are you always depressed when you come to the class?” He answered back without looking me in the eyes: “It’s not good for a man to be alone”.

I agree with him that indeed it’s not good to be alone but I ask him right away: “Do you go out on dates?” He answered: “I don’t feel like going out on dates.” I asked him: “What extinguished your desire to go out on dates?” He answered hesitantly with a grave expression on his face: “What life can I provide to a young lady? Why should she want to marry someone like me that makes minimum wage and can hardly support himself?”

I’m taken aback by this thought that he is convinced is the truth that’s holding him back from moving forward in life. I ask back: “My dear soul, why should she?” This young man assumed the idea that he was not marriage material because he could provide a wife with a fat paycheck. This thought stuck with him and incubated inside him for years and eroded him from inside like water steadily drip by drip eroding his life and finishing it off.

This young man identifies with and agrees totally with this negative thought which makes him forget all the great good that he really intrinsically is… the endless good that he really is. He turned himself into a young man who in his own eyes is unworthy of any good or happiness. This is what he made himself to become in his own eyes… What has become of us that this could happen?

We forgot that we are souls… a piece of G-d from on high. Our thoughts are clothing for the soul. If we clothe our souls with good clothing, with positive thoughts, it will be good and we will live a far happier life.


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