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“My Doctors Gave Me Only 5 Years to Live”

Candy Mary Fox was diagnosed with a fatal cancer and the doctors were pessimistic. Her doctors felt there was no purpose in treating her and that she would live 5 years at most. This aggressive cancer was found only in its advance stage in her thyroid gland and besides urging her to educate herself on what to do to ‘minimize the damage’ they could offer no treatment.

“My cousin died from cancer after undergoing chemo-therapy and he was only 13. My best friend, a 31 year old woman also died from cancer so since the doctors refused to wage war on the cancer I also refused.”

Instead fighting the cancer she chose a different route. “I came to the conclusion that chemo-therapy wasn’t for me and I told myself that if I’m already fighting let it be in a different way.”

Candy broadly researched the topic of cancer and learned that a substance called bromelain found in pineapple, kiwi, and papaya helps destroy the protein layers that the cancer feeds from. “Since cancer can feed from chemicals too I stopped using cleaning agents and certain makeups and I made sure to be in a calm setting with as little stimulation and pressure as possible” Candy told Chris Wark in a special channel called ‘chrisbeatcancerdotcom’.
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In her extensive research, Candy shares her discovery that consuming large meals steals strength from the body usinf=g more energy for digestion and she decided to eat very small meals all as part of her efforts to fight for her health and maintain her energy during sickness.

Candy also limited her diet to fruit and for 6 months consumed fruit that was high in bromelain. The doctors were astounded to find her situation vastly improved and in only 6 months the cancer totally disappeared as if it never was.

This is her menu for those 6 months which restored her health: (this is not medical advice and everyone should consult their medical practitioner)

Week 1 (1-7 days): beet root, carrot and celery juice.

Week 2+ (8-10 days): beet root, carrot, celery (not the juice this time) and a supplement of vitamin K and selenium in sodium selenite form.

Week 3+ (11-14 days): vegetables, almonds soaked in water, avocado and the following fruit: 3 pineapples a day, kiwi, apples, papaya, banana and grapefruit.

Some general information and interesting facts about bromelain:

1. Bromelain is an enzyme that assists digestion by breaking up proteins and it’s made from the leftovers of making pineapple juice (both the stem and the fruit)

2. For the past 25 years the food industry has used bromelain for softening meat and it is also used in the cosmetics industry for making soaps.

3. In Europe there are patented bandages which were treated with bromelain to facilitate the healing of burns, cuts and various skin wounds.

4. The medical industry uses bromelain to reduce swelling after surgery (mainly on the sinuses)

5. In pharmacological testing bromelain was found to prevent the clumping of platelets when two different blood types were mixed together. This demonstrates proven anti-inflammatory properties.

6. In other research, bromelain successfully helped break up fibrin a type of tissue that accompanies healing but causes scarring and limits flexibility. It also helped break up cancer growths, helps the body absorb medicines faster and helps third degree burns heal.

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