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“My Mommy Died, Can You Help Us?”

Salvador Cicalese a five year old in San Tan Valley Arizona became a hero when he got help for his mother lying unconscious in the shower. The local fire department made him an honorary fireman.

Jessica Penoyer a neighbor heard a knock on her door. “I opened the door and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Little Sal was there holding a small bundle looking like a toy doll; it was really his baby 2 month old sister.” Penoyer says.

“Salvador started explaining what happened but his broken words weren’t clear. It sounded like he was saying ‘my dog died’. But something was wrong. Sal repeated his words ‘my dog didn’t die, my mother died in the shower. Can you take care of us?”

Jessica called 911 who sent emergency responders. Later the picture became clear. Kaitlin, Salvador’s mother indeed had a seizure and was unconscious in the shower with the water still running. Little Sal who called out to his mother a few times and didn’t get answered understood something was wrong. He calmly wrapped his baby sister in a blanket and carried her quickly to the neighbor. When the emergency responders came they found Kaitlin unconscious in the shower and resuscitated her.

Kaitlin says: “Not only did he save my life, now he always asks me all day if I feel better and if I’m going to fall and have another seizure and die again and I tell him ‘no I won’t’.”  

The fire department made him honorary fireman for doing the right thing and getting help. Local media and emergency responders took the opportunity to ask parents to teach their children what to do in an emergency like little Sal did.


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