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Mystery: Rock-Eating Worm Discovered – Is it the Shamir Worm from the Holy Temple?


There are those that have compared the worm to the Shamir worm that was used for building the Holy Temple – What does Rabbi Zamir Cohen have to say about the matter?
Here are his words:
This worm is indeed interesting and amazing, though it doesn’t seem to be the Shamir worm.
Our Sages tell us in Tractate Sota that the size of the worm was as small as barley, and this worm is much larger.
In addition, the words of the Talmud indicate that the worm pierced and cut the stone by means of radiation that emanated from it and not in any other way, as it is written there regarding the precious stones in the garments of the High Priest, on which the names of the twelve tribes were inscribed: “These stones are not engraved on with a chisel, rather they are written on with ink, and exposed to the Shamir worm from the outside, causing them to break apart by themselves, like a fig that splits open in the summer and lacks nothing.
The words of the sages: “exposing them to the Shamir worm from the outside” proves that there is only external radiation without direct contact of the worm on the stone, as we expanded on the subject in the first part of the series “The Coming Revolution” on Torah and science.
And if this is not enough, it is explicitly stated in the Talmud: “When the Temple was destroyed, the Shamir vanished.”
From this discovery we can at least strengthen our belief (for those who need it), to the very idea that a worm can cut hard rocks, a fact that was puzzling to some until this finding.


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