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Obama Was Iran’s Man in The White House

Everyone has heard of Barak Obamas ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’ and where it might lead us to. But now a few months after his leaving office new findings of more ‘deals’ can make you wonder whose side he was really on.

The same day the famous ‘Iran Deal’ was signed another ‘top secret’ deal was signed releasing 4 Americans imprisoned in Iran; seemingly, a noble act. But it was paid for with the compromise of US security. Obama explained that to get the prisoners we had to give the Iranians something in return. He pardoned 7 Iranians held in US prisons on ‘violations of sanction laws’. 6 of them were Americans of Iranian origin and one Iranian. Obama claimed that they had no violence or terror on their records so it was not dangerous to release them.

But in the past few days ‘Politico’ uncovered Obama’s dark deals with Iran and how he promoted foreign interests of this rouge nation hoping to engage in nuclear terror.  Many other US newspapers also published this subsequently.

According to the report, 3 out of the 7 pardoned prisoners were actually considered a ‘threat to national security’. They were guilty of attempting to illegally smuggle micro electric technology components necessary to develop an Iranian missiles including cruise missiles.

But there’s more; It comes out the administration closed the cases against 14 fugitives. One of them was Seyed Abolfaz Shahab Jamili who succeeded in acquiring thousands of components needed for nuclear weapons and shipping them to Iran via China.“Obama and Kerry were so desperate for a victory in their foreign policy, after their approach lit up the Middle East and the country of Georgia in flames.” They didn’t care if it would be a short term gain even if would sacrifice national security down the line,” Says Ed Morrissey Senior Editor and Correspondent for in the US.

The Weekly Standard also attacked Obama’s policies and revealed an additional ‘deal’ they called the ‘outrageous prison swap’. “This step includes the whole slowdown of the administration before and after the nuclear deal”. In this deal Obama paid Iran 1.7 billion dollars to free the hostages held by Teheran.  The reports made it sound like the Iranians were freeing them from their own free will for free, Obama called it a ‘reciprocal humanitarian gesture’ and truth came out only much later.

Obama also canceled Interpol ‘red notices’ which help other countries track the activities of these former threats to US security and potentially arrest them for violations overseas leading to their extradition. This he did on his own without consulting or in spite of warnings of intelligence, justice and defense departments. So now they were free to roam about and continue their illegal weapons procurement program unhindered thanks to Obama who stymied every investigation effort to stop the program.

So whose side is Obama on?


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