Dear Rabbi I am making a speech at a wedding and the Parsha will be Va'eira and it is on Rosh Chodesh. Do you know where I can find some appropriate words to say that connects the two or makes mention of either the Parsha or Rosh Chodech and the connection to a wedding? Thanks Greg


To the Questioner,

I am not familiar with such a source. 
I would, however, recommend to develop the following idea:

Hashem says to Moshe Rabbenu that he wants to take the Jewish people out of Egypt on four different levels – “Four lishonot of Geulah” - the highest of the four being "V'lakachti". 

The Talmud in Kiddushin tells us (2a) that the word "Kicha" hints to the aspect of Kiddushin and marriage. 

This means that Hashem was telling the Jewish people: I want to uplift you from your bondage, and ultimately to have such a close relationship with you – similar to the relationship of a chatan to his kallah. 

Understandably, this idea, central to goal of the Jewish people in their exiting from the bondage of Egypt which begins  in this parsha, was very strengthening for them. 

It is also well known that much of the idea of the parsha is hinted to in its name. This week's parsha, "V'eira" has the Hebrew numerical value of 208. This is also the same numerical value of the acrostic commomnly used to refer to Rosh Chodesh: Reish Chet = 208.

This is as if to say: This tremendous unification between Hashem and the Jewish people which is about to take place in the progression of coming out of Egypt, and is similar to the experience of a marriage between a chatan and kallah, is really all included in the name of the parsha, as well as in the special day of Rosh Chodesh. Every Rosh Chodesh commemorates the special ability that Hashem has granted the Jewish people - to set the calendar months which are then followed even in the realms above – as just one of many precious gifts that Hashem has bestowed upon the Jewish people to show His love for them, similar to a chatan who bestows precious gifts upon his kallah. 

With Blessing,
​Rav Nachum