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Rabbi Shteinman For Children: Will there be a need for an operation?

It was on a Friday when a tense and up tight family walked into the room of Harav Shteinman. One of the family members was supposed to undergo an important operation the following Sunday. The doctors had a dispute about how to operate. This wasn’t an easy dilemma and the family was supposed to decide. Following Daat Torah- the Wisdom of Torah they went to consult with Harav Shteinman and seek his sage advice.

Rabbi Shteinman sat listening silently. After sinking into thought for a few moments he started to give detailed advice. The family asked more questions and got more answers and clarifications until they got the clarity necessary to proceed. A sigh of relief was heard from the family that now knew what to do next week for the operation.

But suddenly, The Rosh Hayeshiva (Head of the School which many Torah giants also are) put his head down in his hands and sank deep into thought again. His face was fiery bright and a holy silence filled the room. Harav Shteinman raised his head and said, “It’s quite probable that he won’t even need the operation!”

Was this a prophecy or divine revelation? On Sunday the family went into the hospital and the doctors while preparing the man for his operation found new information that changed the direction of the treatment and made the operation unnecessary. The doctors consulted with each other and informed the family that indeed the operation wouldn’t be necessary.

Exactly as Harav Shteinman said, that is what happened. The man got better without the operation.


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