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Do Baby Cubs and Baby Chicks Need to Learn Things?  

When an animal is born he is already equipped from heaven with certain abilities and behaviors that are common to its species. For example; newly hatched chicks open their beaks and call to their parents asking for food, and a day old calf can already walk and baby ducklings can already swim.

But baby animals don’t know everything they need to know right away when they are born. They still have a lot to learn. Cat, lion and bear cubs need to learn how to hunt from their mothers. Wild ducks learn their flight routes from the older ducks in the flock and after a few times they can lead the flock themselves when they are old enough.

Animals learn new skills to deal with new situations their whole life. The more intelligent the animal is the longer it takes for them to grow up and the more skills they need to learn from their parents and from life’s experiences.


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