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Rabbi Shteinman: “On Purim Strengthen Your Faith in Divine Providence”

One of Rabbi Steinman’s closest students, Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Schneider explains that recently a group of young men asked Rabbi Shteinman: “What should we strengthen ourselves with this Purim, faith or prayer? Rabbi Shteinman answered “faith”.

Rabbi Schneider mentioned that Rabbi Shteinman’s custom is to go to Yeshivat Orchot Torah and participate in a learning session along with the young students. Close to midnight when the rabbi was about to go home  the young students asked him to say a few words and Rabbi Shteinman stressed 2 main points: Firstly It’s a great merit to learn Torah on Purim night as it says in the Talmud : “One who toils in Torah between the night time Megillah reading and the day time Megillah reading is promised to be a son of the next world!”

Rabbi Shteinman’s second point was to stress to the young men how important it is to strengthen one’s faith in Divine Providence as one can learn from the amazing string of events in the Megillah that looked like natural events that proved only years later that they were all under G-d’s providence to bring about a redemption for his nation, Israel.

Rabbi Schneider relates that after Rabbi Shteinman spoke the young men accompanied him home. People in the town came out and saw the yeshiva boys cheerful and happy with the true happiness of Torah! Fortunate are those who saw this.                                                                                               


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