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Spain Double Terror: Barcelona: 13 Killed, 100 Wounded, Cambrils: 7 Wounded, 5 Terrorists Killed

On Thursday, a terrorist drove his van on the sidewalk down Las Ramblas Boulevard, a popular thoroughfare crowded with people in central Barcelona. He drove on the sidewalk for more than a half kilometer, killing at least 13 people and injuring over 100 when ramming into pedestrians. Witnesses say he was driving on the sidewalk as if he was in an empty cornfield, weaving back and forth trying to hit as many pedestrians as possible.

The Barcelona attack took place right next to a kosher restaurant named Maccabee and the restaurant owners locked down the premises with the guests inside, for fear of getting attacked.

Meanwhile, the driver who ran away on foot from the scene of his ruthless attack is still being sought out in a big anti-terror search. His identity remains unclear though there were ID papers in the van as the van may have been stolen.

In Cambrils, another Spanish beachside resort town, another attack took place when terrorists drove a vehicle into a crowd of people and injured at least seven of them, 2 of them critically. Police killed five suspects who were also wearing bomb belts.

According to Fox news the CIA warned Spain over 2 months ago of the potential for a vehicle terror attack on Las Ramblas which is always full of tourists. Europe was plagued with vehicle attacks in Nice, London, Stockholm and berlin these past few months, so it seems to be a preferred modus operandi for ISIS and Jihadi organizations to sow terror in Europe.

ISIS takes responsibility for the Barcelona attack saying that the ones who attacked were Islamic state soldiers who were carrying out attacks targeting coalition countries.


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