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Terror Payments Cause Terror

Today there was a session in the Senate that discussed the “Taylor Force Law” named after the American veteran that was killed in a stabbing attack in Tel Aviv on March 8th 2016. It was discovered that his murderer’s family gets a stipend a few times the average salary in the Palestinian Authority from the Palestinian Martyr Fund.

The Taylor Force Law is meant to cut funding to the Palestinian Authority as long as this fund is still paying the murderers’ families. The US funds the PA to the tune of a half billion dollars a year; more than enough to fund many terrorists. The bill will reduce the funding to $60 million. So far the PA has no plans of stopping any such payments and Abbas considers it his ‘moral obligation’ to support the families of these ‘holy martyrs’.

As part of preparing for the discussion the Palestinian Media Watch Organization obtained transcripts of the police interrogation of Khaled Rajoub, a terrorist who tried to murder Israeli soldiers by running them over with a car. Thankfully he was not successful and he was caught and imprisoned. These transcripts were released for the perusal of the senate, some food for thought on formulating and implementing the law.

When asked why he chose specifically soldiers he answered: “It’s the best thing to kill soldiers because they have guns and they’ll shoot and kill me. In this way I can get the martyr stipend and my children will live happily.”

“What did you want to achieve by killing soldiers settlers or any Israeli target?” I wanted they should shoot me and I’d die and my children would get their stipend.”

“Are you still interested in doing this?” “100%; if you free me tomorrow I’ll do this as soon as possible> I’ll get another car and I’ll run over soldiers at the first checkpoint I see. I’ll kill as many as I can, they’ll shoot me and I’ll die. There’s no other solution.”


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