Why Do Arab Men Like to Marry Jewish Girls?

What makes an Arab man marry a Jewish girl?

There’s a lot of discussion about the causes leading to Jewish girls getting into relationships with Arab men and marrying them too. But why on the Arab side would a man want to marry a Jewish girl?

Nasser from Wadi Ara (names changed for protection) has some answers that shed light on the Arab mentality leading to such marriages. He himself is now in his 50’s and was once married to a Jewish girl so what he says is from firsthand experience. Nasser explains that usually the main reason an Arab man will marry a Jewish girl is the distress he experienced in his surroundings. Nasser claims that a lack of attention or distress in school or other sources of alienation cause Arab youth to seek outlets for their frustrations. Some turn to drugs and crime others turn to Jewish girls which for them is a far healthier outlet. At times marrying a Jewish girl is seen as compensation for a troubled childhood and is also considered a mark of pride and masculinity among their peers.

After his Jewish wife gave birth to a daughter he divorced her and says the divorce was clearly related to her being Jewish and him being an Arab. The differences between the lives of Jews and Arabs are so great that they are 2 totally different worlds. Nasser claims such marriages don’t stand a chance and he advises Arab men not to get into such a relationship.


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