Testimonies from the Bowels of the Earth

Testimonies from the Bowels of the Earth 

Despite the theory of evolution taking a serious beating in recent years, there are still scientists and bien pensants who insist on believing in it, and are even willing to distort the truth for its sake. Rabbi Zamir Cohen, in this special article, reveals a major refutation to the theory of evolution — a refutation which previously supported it — and brings testimonies from the bowels of the earth about the theory’s unfeasibility.

One of the current major refutations to the theory of evolution was considered in the past as one of its main supports.

Many scientists previously used research into the different geological strata of the earth to prove that changes took place in the world which scientists used to define transitional eras. These transitional eras are believed to have greatly influenced the developmental stages of animals, causing the extinction of some species and the appearance of others.

One of their assumptions was that deeper geological strata were naturally more ancient, and the fossils found in them, should also be more ancient that the fossils found in the upper, later layers. With the advance of geological studies in recent decades, it turns out, to our surprise, that the reptiles (which according to evolution evolved after amphibians), were found in a lower stratum, while animals that, according to evolution, preceded reptiles (such as the ‪ Seymuria), were found in the upper stratum. The geologists had claimed that the animals in the upper stratum had preceded those in the bottom stratum by twenty million years…

In addition, the geological layers of earth, which, according to the theory of evolution, are supposed , were found to contain man-made engravings and objects. Do they think that the grandfather of dinosaurs made these objects and engravings?

The most comprehensive and detailed source for the scientific research on this subject is the book by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson,” Forbidden Archaeology? that was translated into thirteen languages. Written after in-depth research, the book presents hundreds of cases of stratum findings that did not fit their calculated dating.

Adherents of the development stages in the theory of evolution have no answer for these facts. In contrast, scientists who approach science with integrity admit the factual truth. For instance, Professor Kenneth Hsu, who was president of dozens of academic and government organizations throughout the world, declared that “studies in stratigraphy [a branch of geology that deals with rock strata and the dating of their formation] performed in recent years, indeed dealt a death blow to Darwin’s teachings.”

If the findings mentioned are not enough, then an event occurred, which, besides being important in itself, also demonstrates how the exhilaration over evolution brought renowned researchers to ignore proper disclosure rules, conceal evidence and mislead the public.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, only thirty years after the death of the father of evolutionary theory, Charles Darwin, the paleontologist Charles Doolittle Walcott researched the slate rocks in the Canadian Rocky Mountains which are full of fossils. In those days, Walcott served as the secretary of the famous Smithsonian Institute in Washington.

On August 31, 1909, Walcott revealed one of the greatest discoveries in the history of paleontology: He discovered the oldest fossils. These were the first fossils of creatures whose age was estimated at more than half a billion years.

Walcott enthusiastically collected the fossil findings, but when he examined the strata to which they belonged, he was displeased. He was stunned to discover that the stratum in which they were discovered — which was so ancient that no other significant life form had ever been found in an earlier layer — contained fossils of both known and unknown animals. The sensational significance of this discovery is that the physical structures of various animals appeared together (!) in the same geological period. This was a death blow to the central assumption of Darwin’s fantasy theory of evolution that all creatures evolved in distinct stages over a very long time. Here was clear evidence that all beings appeared at the same time, and lived together 530 million years ago …

What “scientific” theory can withstand such an incontestable reality?

Walcott wouldn’t allow reality to destroy the theory that the world of science was cheering on. The scientific world was happily throwing off the yoke of religious conscience, thanks to the new evolutionary theory which clearly contradicted the Bible. So the distinguished scientist committed the unconscionable.

Walcott decided to hide these fossils and they were archived at the Smithsonian Institution for nearly eighty years (!). Only in 1985, when the museum archives were re-examined, were these slate fossils uncovered and presented to the world.

Walcott was a Darwinian fanatic. He expected to find fossils with relatively simple structures in the ancient rocks, as the theory of evolution hypothesized. But the fossils which Walcott uncovered were no different than those of modern creatures. What he and his fellow Darwinians found so alarming was the fact that they didn’t find any fossils that could be presented as the ancestors of these creatures, not in the slate rock and not in more ancient rocks.

This joins a long list of scams perpetrated by evolutionists, including pasting an ape jaw to a human skull, inventing reconstructions which depict the social life of ape-men from a single fossilized tooth of a pig, and adding feathers to dinosaur fossils. Supporters of this theory will do anything to maintain it — not for scientific reasons but for ideological reasons. They didn’t hesitate to manufacture fake transitional fossils to support their claims, and felt bound to conceal fossils whose age they had hypothesized was hundreds of millions of years ago, because admitting the reality would have consigned the theory to the dustbin of history.

Unfortunately, even today, most scientists lack the courage to speak out against their peers, and expose the truthful data that would completely topple the theory of evolution.


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A similar case in smaller scale occurred recently in Tel Aviv. When digging the foundations of an exclusive residential project in Ramat Aviv at the beginning of 2010, they were surprised to discover a building made of 3 rooms which researchers estimated to be 8,000 years old. The place contained the remains of a hippopotamus, the teeth of a goat or sheep, the base fragment of a basalt bowl, and… the tip of a hunting instrument that according to tests considered reliable today, were estimated to be 100,000 years old. The dated findings therefore forced the perplexed researchers to conclude that the ancient homeowner from 8,000 years ago had in his home hunting tools which were 100,000 years old (published in Yediot Ahronot, January 11, 2010).



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