Are There Ancient Civilizations That Predate 6,000 Years Ago?

Yoni asks: I’ve heard that there are ancient civilizations that predate the great flood or even 6,000 years. Researchers say that the Egyptian civilization is over 6,000 years old. Can this be reconciled with our tradition?

Answer: What you’ve heard is mistaken. Historically there is no society that predates the great flood. Even the Chinese dynasty which is the oldest civilization known to us is only 4,300 years old. Not only that, but every ancient civilization has recorded in their legend that there was a great flood. A “Noa” or “Nocha”/”Noja” was spared with the animals in an ark, and from him the rest of the world got populated. Understandably, each culture adapted the story according to their legends, beliefs and idol worship but you will find a common historical thread running through all of these different versions.

Even civilizations in remote locations repeat the story of Noah, who was saved from the great flood with his children, as they received it down through the generations. They even consider themselves the descendants of Noah. All these civilizations themselves claim their existence coming from about 4,000 years ago. For anyone interested I can provide a long list with tens of historical sources from all over the world for the story of Noah, the flood and even the Tower of Babel that prove the roots of humanity and our civilizations trace back to Noah.   

As far as the research claims you’ve seen, they aren’t based on historical fact nor do they have historical evidence from archeological finds. Researchers find a pottery shard in China or a statuette in Egypt and using unfounded controversial dating methods, they decided that these artifacts are tens of thousands of years old! But they have no way to verify these “guesstimates”.

The Egyptian Dynasty died out and is no longer so it has no consecutive history till now. In addition there are almost no archeological finds from the “Bronze Era”. Most of our Egyptian history is based on the writings of an Egyptian historian named Manton who lived 2,000 years ago.

Did you know that in all of the Hieroglyphics there is no mention of building the pyramids? Archaeologists have many theories about the building of the pyramids but there is no evidence for any of them.  You can understand from this, that our knowledge of ancient Egypt and other civilizations is lacking and is based on theories and educated guesses more than on archaeological or any other historical evidence found at a site.

According to the archaeological and historical evidence we do have, we learn that the historical accounts of ancient civilizations match up totally with the Biblical dates we have. There is no civilization that contradicts our tradition.
This itself is another proof of the veracity of the History in the  Scriptures.


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