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The Fish Who is a Man’s Best Friend

The common assumption is that fish have a short memory there’s even an expression ‘he has the memory of a fish’! However, researchers from Oxford University were able to prove that certain fish can recognize and remember a human face with 90% accuracy. The following story demonstrates this and is also a lesson in appreciating kindness.
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25 years ago a Japanese diver named Hiroyuki Arakawa who was 54 at the time found an Asian Sheepshead Wrasse which has a human like face, that was weak and injured and seemed dead. The diver decided to feed him for 10 days straight. “From then on, every time I dive I can see him approach from far away when he swims to me. He plays with me and swims at my side and I kiss him on the ‘forehead’. I never thought there could be such a friendship between and human and a fish.”

“I would say we understand one another though we don’t speak to each other. It is a beautiful species of fish that when you look at him close up you’re reminded of a human face of someone you might know. I think that anyone can get the same treatment from an animal that he has compassion on and feeds. But our interaction still surprises me since it is indeed rare. Not every fish you feed will remember you or come to visit you when you enter his territory.”
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