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What did Rabbi Kanievsky Answer when Asked when the Messiah would Come?

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky receives numerous questions on a daily basis, both in matters of Halacha (Jewish Law) and Hashkafa (Jewish outlook and philosophy), as well as advice on various issues in daily life. This week, a question came from an unexpected source – the White House.
The newsletter called ‘Divrei Siach’ (compiled by Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky’s grandson) reports that two Jewish residents of the United States came to Rabbi Kanievsky’s home in Bnei Brak, and presented themselves as associates of the American government, stressing that they are personal friends of President Donald Trump. They said the President asked them to convey his regards, and to say that he had heard a great deal about the Rabbi’s influence among Jews around the world.
In reply to his question whether they want anything else, one of them answered: “The President wants to know when the Messiah will come.”
Rabbi Kanievsky smiled and answered: “And how are you preparing for the Messiah? Have you moved to the Land of Israel?
The Jew, who did not expect such an answer, could not hide his embarrassment, and answered “no”. The Rabbi continued: “Come and live here, and soon we will see the arrival of the Messiah, Amen.”

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