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Israel’s Population Crosses 9 Million On 71st Independence Day

The Central Bureau of Statistics reports on the eve of Israel's 71st Independence Day that Israel's population has now passed 9 million.
Over the past year, 188,000 children were born, 31,000 people immigrated to Israel and 47,000 people died. A total of 9.021 million citizens and legal permanent residents live in Israel, including 6.697 million Jews, who make up 74.3% of the total population.
The Central Bureau of Statistics projects that Israel's population will reach 10 million by 2024.
6,697,000 citizens are Jewish (74.3%), 1,890,000 are Arabic (20.9%), and 434,000 (4.8%) belong other religions.
Approximately 45% of the total world Jewish population now lives in the State of Israel.

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