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A Group of 15 Year Old Girls Sew Blankets for Preemies in Neo-Natal Ward

Eight 15 year old girls did something beautiful; they designed and sewed blankets for preemies in a neo-natal unit. These blankets cover the incubators making it dark so the babies can sleep plus they are really full of happy colors that cheer up the parents sitting with their premature babies and struggling to keep them alive.

Alona Zaritzky one of the young ladies of this amazing group told Y-Net how it all started. “In 8th grade we had to choose a project to volunteer in. I chose the field of fashion designing which I really love. We were originally 20 girl that sewed dolls for kindergartens for needy children. After we met with them we understood what kind of dolls they needed and we sewed them,” Alona explained.

After they completed the first project 8 of the girls decided to continue volunteering to sew. “At the end of the year 8 of the girls wanted to continue and we got the okay from the youth section of the Rishon LeTzion municipality who was responsible for the project,” Alona continued. “We had a few choices to choose from and making blankets for the preemies seemed the nicest and most important goal. We really learned how to use the cloth, to design and sew.”

When the group brought their finished blankets to the neo-natal unit at the Assaf Harofeh Hospital they were at a loss of words. “We felt we were able to improve the parents’ feelings somewhat. The atmosphere can be hard for these parents are really worried and perhaps these colorful blankets can cheer them up. This was a very emotional experience; all the nurses were really excited about the blankets!” Alona added.

These young ladies plan to continue sewing for at least the next 2 years. “We meet once a week for an hour and a half and sometimes more because we wanted to continue and to finish our sewing. I want to keep on going until 12th grade at least and now we’re deciding what our next project should be,” says Alona.

Most children play on their phones and do other things instead of helping the greater community. Initially I also wasn’t so excited about volunteering but over time I began to enjoy it and I decided to continue. It’s a great feeling when you help others,” Alona sums up.

Yael Meltzer the group’s counselor adds: “Much has been said about today’s youth being egotistical and into their phones. The blankets which adorn the Assaf Harofeh neo-natal unit were stitched square by square by 15 year old girls. Instead of putting pictures up online they sat and sewed with love creating beautiful blankets for children they will never meet just to brighten up the neo-natal unit and to gladden the parents who are battling for their babies’ lives.”


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