A Rare Glimpse Into the Secret Operations of the Elite Unit 669


Israel’s rescue and evacuation unit, better known by its abbreviation 'Unit 669', is famous for rescuing stranded tourists and civilians in Israel’s mountains and deserts.

What most people don’t know is that the unit’s most daring operations took place during wars and various military operations, including the Second Lebanon War when they freed the Squadron 13 fighters during a secret operation in Tyre.
The responsibility on the unit’s shoulders is enormous: Within a few minutes, they can find themselves in the middle of a shooting scene, in hostile territory, with bombs and booby traps around them, at the height of alertness to rescue the soldiers while protecting themselves and their helicopter.

Unit 669 is a long, difficult and challenging track that takes about a year and eight months of training. The fighters attend courses in many fields, ranging from basic infantry to high-level first aid (every soldier is a paramedic), climbing, rappelling rescue methods, diving, use of helicopters, high-level navigation, parachuting, escape, counter-terrorism and more.
The commandos become expert in Air Force helicopter use, with especially the Black Hawk and Yasur helicopters turning into a second home for them.

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