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I Saw My Dead Relative in a Dream- What Does it Mean?

Q. Dear Rabbi, much peace to you,

My uncle died on a Shabbat. The next Shabbat after Shiva I saw him in my dream. I don’t remember exactly what happened in the dream but I do remember him in the dream. This is not the first time I’ve seen deceased relatives in a dream. When my grandmother passed away she appeared in my dreams during Shiva. What does this all mean?  I’ll be happy if you can help me! Thank You very much.

A. Shalom and blessings,

Generally speaking dreaming about someone in the world of souls is a reflection. Meaning that soul thought  about you from on high and therefore you mirrored back thinking about him in a dream.  In the books of Kabbalah it is explained that this is the sign of the eternal life of the soul. Because if a person’s dog dies he won’t see the dog in a dream whereas he may see a deceased relative. This is because the soul of a person is eternal and the soul of an animal that dies is gone and no more.

On the other hand there are dreams of people deceased if a person thought about them during the day. Either way it is a good thing to do a good deed to elevate the soul of the person you saw in a dream. For example, you can pick a resolution strengthening something good, a good quality or benefitting the public with a merit, saying a psalm for the soul of the deceased or a man can learn a Mishna for him (Mishna and Neshama-soul both have the same Hebrew letters).

In the Talmud it says about dreams: “If there’s a dead person in the house it’s good for the house,if the dead person ate and drank in the house it’s a good sign for all the people in the house.

If the dead person takes utensils out of the house it’s a bad sign for the house. Rabbi Papa explains this pertains to when the dead person removes shoes and sandals from the house. That is a sign that the people in the house will follow the dead person or that their steps will cease to walk in the marketplace. Or if the dead person took earth, it’s a sign of burial and so is dreaming about mustard leaves that are thin like dust.

One who sees himself talking to deceased people in a dream should stick with good friends and do like them. If a deceased relative comes to see you in a dream it’s a sign wealth will come to you. But if he hugs kisses or even worse, bites you then it is a sign trouble will come. If a deceased person gives him something in a dream then profit will come his way But if he refuses the deceased person’s gift in the dream its bad.

Wishing You Much Success,
Rabbi Menashe Yisrael

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