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Assad Uses Chemical Weapons

Horror in Syria: The city of Idlib in northwestern Syria was attacked by Assad’s army with chemical weapons. So far some 100 victims, including 35 children have already died. According to reports, hundreds were injured with various levels of injury from the chemical bombardment, which apparently contained sarin gas which causes the paralysis of the lung muscles.

Eyewitnesses said people fainted, started foaming from their mouths and suffocated on the streets. “The situation is awful and very serious, most of the casualties are children,” Mohammed Rasul told the BBC. “Three of the ambulances who arrived there found the people suffocating in the street…and we are transporting patients from place to place, because the hospitals are full.”

The opposition forces now claim that Assad and his men are guilty of war crimes, and demand that the United Nations immediately investigate the incident, hold an emergency meeting and take measures to ensure that Assad’s government takes responsibility for what it did. The Russian Defense Minister Sergei  Shoygu vehemently ruled out the assumption that Russia was who attacked with chemical weapons in Idlib. However Assad's army still denies the accusations against him. “The regime's forces have not used chemical weapons, in the past or in the future,” he said.


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