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Northern Russia is a Danger Zone

The world may be a dangerous place but Russia discovered a new imminent danger in its arctic region. The Tass news agency announced that there are about 7,000 underground methane pockets that Russian scientists recently discovered which could explode any time.

The pockets were discovered in an exercise that included field workers and satellite tracking. According to the scientists these pockets could explode and create massive craters. According to one scientist “these pockets start off as bubbles which explode and create giant funnels. The ground simply swells from the pressure of the methane.”

The scientists also believe that the recent craters that formed in Northern Siberia were caused by hills of ice trapped underground that exploded, probably due to global warming which is dramatic at the poles.

Until now scientists estimated that there were tens of methane pockets. But thet revised that estimate because of their findings to at least 7,000 pockets. The potential danger causes much worry.

Watch soft ground bubble full of methane on this short Youtube video


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