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Choice Tweets from Newt Gingrich

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a true friend of Israel, unleashed a string of tweets against Obama and nations voting against Israel. On Monday, he urged Congress to condemn Obama for allowing the Anti-Israel resolution to pass in the UN Security Council.

December 23rd, before UN vote: “If Obama breaks US policy and accepts UN defining Israel's boundaries Trump should end all US aid to Palestinian Authority. So should Israel.”

“U N insanity: Venezuela, failed state, starving, robbing and killing its own citizens, on Security Council voting on Israel, prosperous democracy.”

After vote: “President Obama abandoned Israel today at the UN this vote.”

“No one should be confused. Terrorists were rewarded; a democracy was knifed in the back by the Obama decision to not veto Security Council.

“One of four nations pushing today's anti-Israel resolution, Venezuela. A collapsing dictatorship whose people are starving, medicine failing.”
December 24th: “So Russia, having illegally occupied Crimea and eastern Ukraine votes to condemn Israel for “occupied lands”. We are supposed to be impressed.”

“The Trump Administration should rethink our approach to UN-take strong steps to support Israel in response to Obama's betrayal of our ally.”

Discussing Dispute between New York Mayor DeBlasio and Police: “Under DeBlasio rules, the Tunisian terrorist from Berlin would not have been stopped by Italian police. Time to back NYC police over DeBlasio.”

December 26th: “Why is the Obama team waging war against Israel? Why are they taking steps to isolate and then kill a democracy and an ally?”

“President-elect Trump must prepare a comprehensive offensive for Jan 29 to undo the damage to Israel the Obama team is inflicting.”

“Congress should pass resolutions January 3-4 condemning Obama attacks on Israel and demanding he not participate in French or UNSC attacks.”


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