Despair is Irrelevant

Dear Girlfriends,

Today I have news for you.

I won’t convince you not to despair.

I won’t beg you to be strong,

Nor will I ask you to continue to believe.

I won’t even promise you that if you stop                                                                                                                                                                     believing you will lose out.

Your despair is not relevant to the reality.

But before you raise your eyebrows in bewilderment allow me to tell you a story.

A faithful wife went to the market with a bundle of cash to make purchases as her dear husband requested. She gathered all of the good her husband asked her to get. She got ready to pay and found that her money was missing and she let out a great shout. People all around her started trying to help her find the money to no avail. She suddenly heard two men talking about a man that found the money and took it home. She couldn’t believe it. She turned to them and they told her the man’s address. She went straight there and explained to the man that she lost the money. The evil man said “according to Jewish Law you despaired of the money and I’m allowed to keep it.”

The woman was shocked at his insolence and went straight to the Rabbi. The Rabbi did not delay and summoned the man to his home to resolve the issue. The man confidently made his claim to the Rabbi. But the Rabbi interrupted him. “I am also familiar with the laws of lost items”, he said. “But did you hear about the law of despairing without knowledge? It is true that someone who despairs cannot reclaim his item. But that is only when they are the owner of the item. The despair of a messenger does not count, it is irrelevant. As long as the owner doesn’t despair of the item it is still considered his and must be returned.”

The rabbi continued: “This woman was only a messenger carrying out her husband’s wishes. Her despairing of getting the money is irrelevant, it’s not her money and as long as her husband is depending on her and is sure she is carrying out his wishes you must return the money.”

My precious friends
We each came to this world with our own mission. Each with running orders from “The Boss”, the Master of the World.
We’re here on a mission.
Nothing is ours and nothing is in our control.

Even if you despair, your despair is irrelevant and doesn’t count!

As long as “The Boss” leaves you in this world it is a sign
He believes in you and depends on you.
If G-d didn’t despair you will still find your ‘lost one’.
You don’t need to get alarmed from the deep thick feeling of despair,
Because it is simply irrelevant!
As a messenger you can despair as you like, it doesn’t change the reality.
The same thing is true as far as children are concerned. Some parents have a tendency for some reason to believe that their children belong to them. And if these children fall or become distant, they despair from helping them.
But what these parents are forgetting is that these children are only deposits given to them to watch over. They were chosen to raise them in the best possible manner.

To give up on them?! What a miracle it is that “The Boss” thinks otherwise. He believes in these souls and boy does He believe in them!! AS long as he leave them in this world, it is a sign that He is sure… He is sure the lost soul will return home.

My loved ones,
Did you ever think you’d be happy that your ideas are ignored? Can you believe it?

Wishing You all salvations and a happy heart!


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