Dog Saves Family from Anti-Semitic Arson Attack in Paris

The JTA reported that a Jewish family in Paris was saved by their dog from an arson attack perpetrated by anti-Semites. Their dog was barking relentlessly in the middle of the night this past Friday night and woke the family up. They discovered their front door was aflame and their apartment was filling with smoke, according to the National Chamber to Battle Anti-Semitism.

Police investigation shows that someone poured a flammable fluid on the door and set it afire. The family reported to police that they suspect their anti-Semitic neighbor, a Muslim that already expressed his anti-Semitic views on the internet. This neighbor was arrested and is currently under investigation as a suspect of the arson.

Last week an unidentified man set the family’s car on fire and eyewitnesses say he was wearing a face mask.

This attack on a Jewish family in Paris is part of a whole string of unending anti-Semitic attacks taking place in France these past few years. Last weekend also saw the desecration of a monument commemorating Ilan Halimi who was murdered by Anti-Semitic Muslims in 2006. The monument was torn out of the ground, cast aside and covered with anti-Semitic scrawling. This same monument was treated this way in 2015. In addition a 10 year old Jewish girl was hospitalized last month when her classmates brutally beat her.

The National Chamber to Battle Anti-Semitism responded to this anti-Semitic arson with the following statement: “This incident supports the position of the chamber which believes that anti-Semitic incidents which start with harming Jewish property like synagogues, schools and community centers, or attacks on people in the street end up becoming attacks on Jews in their own homes.”



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