Jews of England, It’s time to Pack Our Bags

Angela Epstein a Jewish British journalist wrote a column in the weekend edition of the Daily Mail in the UK warning British Jews that they time may have come to leave the UK.

“Again our nation faces an exodus from Egypt,” she wrote. We’re not running away from pogroms in Eastern Europe or from the boots of the Nazis but from the forecast of a government that can’t be relied on to care enough.”

Though anti-Semitism is on the rise according to official statistics Epstein points a finger of blame on the liberal party led by Jeremy Cobryn which has developed an amazing tolerance to anti-Semitism.

“As long as the labor Party continues to show its poison… for many British Jews the question of uprooting and leaving Britain is not ‘if’ but rather it’s ‘when’… writes Epstein.
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Epstein, whose children learn in Jewish schools in Manchester, wrote that anti-Semitism is so prevalent that schools need armed guards high fences and security cameras. Most of the Jews she knows have to endure catcalls when leaving any Jewish institution, be it a synagogue or a Jewish school. She has friends who were pelted with eggs and her own son was brutally attacked in the London underground for wearing a kippa.

“If we’ve learned anything from history, it’s to know when to pack our bags” writes Epstein. “To the onlooker from the side our reaction might seem exaggerated, even hysterical. But that’s not us. If anything, pragmatism and planning are embedded in the Jewish genetic makeup.”

She summarizes: ‘Many of my friends already left and went to live in Israel or they are investing their wealth in Israeli real estate so they will have a place to come to in the one place on earth that will accept them unconditionally.” 


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