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Elbit Unveils Its GroundEye Border Surveillance System

Israeli defense electronics company Elbit Systems Ltd. has unveiled its GroundEye Wide Area Persistent Surveillance System for protecting country's borders from illegal entry by refugees or infiltration by terrorists.

The GroundEye system integrates multiple technologies. It displays a panoramic picture of the area as well as identification and tracking capabilities of suspicious movements by sensors. The system is able to locate a suspicious car making its way to the border. A Foxtrack radar is deployed to identify the militants' exact location after they left the car. The C2 system generates an optimized plan to manage the forces in the field.

The forces communicate with one another using the enhanced WideBridge cellular communication system, and a command is dispatched for the deployment of forces and physical barriers in the vicinity.

The ReDrone Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) anti-drone system detects a hostile drone launched near the border carrying a large amount of explosives. The SupervisIR thermal observation system provides a thermal image of the drone while the ReDrone provides a SIGINT confirmation of its location.

After the drone is disabled, the militants can be easily captured by the forces in the field. The capabilities offer open architecture design and are tailored to meet the customer’s specific requirements.


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