My Husband is Not Observant

Is it permissible to go to the wedding of a Reform convert?

Marriage between cousins and genetic screening

Is a Cohen permitted to marry a widow who was previously divorced?

A match when the parents have the same names

The marriage of a Jew with a convert

A couple is arguing over where to live

How come the Torah allows a man to marry several women?

Can I Pray to Marry a Cohen?

Differences between a first and second marriage

Sham acquisition in marriage

Difficulty in finding a match for a divorcee

zivug sheini

Reasons to Prohibit Intermarriage

Woman Working

What is wrong with intermarriage?


Improper thoughts

הדרכה באירוסין




I’ve found the perfect partner. Why should I forego my personal happiness and not intermarry?


How Can One keep on trying to look for a Shidduch if it hasn’t Yet Come?

Separate weddings


Karet for Adultery

Why According to the Torah is the Man in Control of Starting or Ending the Marriage Relationship?

According to the Sefardim who had the custom of marrying two wives, why wasn’t it considered as “cheating”?

What is wrong with “cheating”?

Forbidden Ejaculation

Beginning the process of becoming observant

Life Insights

Is Jewish Marriage only about What the Man Wants?

What to do when there is a difference in outlook between spouses.

Marital Relations

Does a widow return to her first husband at resurrection?

Keeping Promises

Why should I marry a Jew? I’m not really that religious, so it really shouldn’t matter, should it?


Obstacles in intimacy

Marriage for a girl from a problematic background


Is there any hope for a youth who stopped being observant and then repented?

Drug Abuse


Honoring Deceased Parents

Dreaming about my father

A Relationship for the Purpose of Marriage

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