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Separate weddings

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Keeping Promises


Karet for Adultery


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Forbidden Ejaculation

This Bothers Me

Drug Abuse


Obstacles in intimacy

Is there any hope for a youth who stopped being observant and then repented?

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Changing personality traits

Marital Relations

Marriage within Families

A Relationship for the Purpose of Marriage

Honoring Deceased Parents

I want to cover my hair but my husband is opposed to it. What should I do?

Requirements for a Kosher Valid Jewish Wedding

Remarrying a Divorcee

Removing curses

Why should I marry a Jew? I’m not really that religious, so it really shouldn’t matter, should it?

Why we should avoid presents from other people

Beginning the process of becoming observant

Intimacy without marriage

I don't feel like going to the mikvah

Life Insights


I’ve found the perfect partner. Why should I forego my personal happiness and not intermarry?

A Divorced couple getting remarried

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