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Young, Pregnant, Anxious and Depressed

A year and a half after a pregnancy full of anxiety and postpartum depression, Rachel (pen name) shares her story of the support she got from the Hidabroot mother’s department that kept her going.

“I merited getting married at a very young age and at age 19 I was already a mother. A few weeks after birth I started feeling a bit depressed. I didn’t want to pay attention to such feelings but on the other hand I didn’t do anything about them either.

3 months after birth I was pregnant again and all those dark feelings left me until after the birth of my 2nd boy. A month later I began feeling really bad. I started being terribly paranoid that I would die, something would happen to the children or my husband G-d forbid. This feeling just grew and grew and I didn’t know whom to turn to. I was convinced I was crazy.

7 months later I discovered I was pregnant again but I took it very hard this time. I actually prayed that G-d should terminate the pregnancy. I was terrified of the birth and couldn’t imagine myself with 3 babies all by myself. My husband used to come home late at night from work and Kollel. I felt really lost.

One day I went into Hidabroot to hear lectures on faith and dealing with fears, and then I understood that the problem initially started when I distanced myself from G-d. I didn’t really distance myself from G-d I just didn’t share my day with Him and talk to him and ask Him for help with my children and challenges. So I decided right there to do that. I would renew my relationship with G-d. In addition, I started watching videos from the Hidabroot IMA- Mother’s department of brave women in situations far more difficult than mine who brought children into the world under the most trying circumstances. I understood I had nothing to complain about; I had a loving husband and 2 sweet little boys who were healthy and happy with a 3rd on the way.

A short time later I got the courage to tell my family doctor what was going on. He sent me to acupuncture and it really helped. When the birth came along I accepted upon myself to publicize the miracle G-d did for me. I couldn’t write this message of thanks until now a year and a half later, but it’s never too late. I wanted to thank G-d for giving me 3 healthy sons with each birth its own riveting experience. I also wanted to thank Hidabroot and especially the IMA mother’s department for all their support. You should all know that after the birth of my 3rd boy all my fears, guilt and anxieties disappeared!!
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Today I Thank G-d daily for rehabilitating me and getting me back on my feet. I may forget a prayer here and there but I’m always in touch with G-d asking for what I need and focused on one mitzvah that is my mission; to raise my children in the path of the Torah with happiness.

I believe that Hidabroot should open yet another department (they have over 40 departments!) to support women with postpartum depression for it would help people like me that felt lost and alone.

Precious mothers and future mothers, Hidabroot IMA is there to help you. Give your unborn baby another chance and allow him to live. You’ll be happy you did.

For details and contact free of charge (In Hebrew) call 073-222-1333 or cell 052-955-1591
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