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Fires in Israel Still Causing Danger

There are teams of firefighters all over the country battling blazes. Over forty teams of firefighters are in the Jerusalem foothills fighting a fire advancing toward Neve Ilan. This fire was started in Nataf, near the Jerusalem highway, by four Arab highway workers who made a bonfire despite the prohibition against bonfires at this time. They were arrested and taken in for questioning. 70 families from Nataf were evacuated and later returned to their houses after two homes were burned down.

Near Modiin, six teams assisted by helicopters, are fighting fires that started near the checkpoint on route 443.These fires are advancing toward the Modiin commercial center, according to the Police.

Police have also instructed those who live in Mishmar Ayalon  and Migdal David, moshavim adjacent to Modiin to stay in their homes. Due to the threat of smoke inhalation parents were asked not to bring their children to the “Ofek” and “Yovel” schools in that area.

Firefighters are also putting out fires near Kibbutz Harel. This kibbutz is in the Bet Shemesh region.

Meanwhile in Haifa at least two fires are raging and highway 22 has been closed. 80 children were evacuated from their kindergarten and two people were injured near the Paz Bridge. All told so far 11 neighborhoods in Haifa have been evacuated ,2 cars  caught on fire, and 12 people in Haifa were lightly injured from fires.



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