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G-d is Faithful and He Doesn’t Have Faults

“God is faithful without injustice, He is righteous and upright” (Deuteronomy 32, 4)

Once a king had 2 sons; the older one was wicked and the younger one was righteous and did good deeds. The king wanted the younger one to succeed him as king and looked for an excuse to give the kingdom to him instead of the older son who was wicked.

The king made a large get together of all his officers and ministers and he invited his 2 sons to the meeting. He waited for silence and started to speak: “I desire to appoint the future heir to my kingdom who will rule after I pass away. The son who is most successful from between you 2 will be that heir to my throne. I will now give you a difficult question in math and I will also give you the answer. Your job will be to figure out how I got to that answer. Whoever figures that out will be the next king!”

The 2 sons heard the question and the answer and they sat out to figure out the process of how their father got to the answer. The older son who was wicked started to make calculations but he soon started to make mistakes because the math problem was really difficult. His answer came out far different than what the king originally gave him and since this wicked son was also haughty he believed his father the king was mistaken and that he had the right answer. He haughtily told his father: “Dad, You made a mistake! The solution you gave us wasn’t good. The answer I’ve just given you is the correct one!”

The younger son also made mistakes and couldn’t get to the answer his father gave but he was humble and was certain that he made a mistake and not his father who is wise and fair. That’s why he kept on trying to figure out the solution until he actually figured it out.

The Imrei Chaim of Vizhnitz explains: “G-d who is our Father is always right. He always has the right solution to all things that happen in the world. Everything that happens in the entire world is according to His will for He is true and His Torah is true and there’s nothing else in the whole world but G-d!

But what happens? People start to think G-d made a mistake. Things happening in the world don’t make sense, because they don’t know G-d’s calculations. But the mistake isn’t G-d’s, it’s their own mistake and they think according to their calculations that G-d made a mistake! Whoever thinks G-d made a mistake should go over his calculations again!

Some people have little faith in G-d and think they are realty smart! If something doesn’t fit in their lives it bothers them very much and they start to question G-d; they are sure He made a mistake! We should always remember that G-d is true and there is no one other than G-d and if we fail to understand something it’s because it something that we are not yet able to understand.

G-d alone has the true answer!” 


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