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I Got on the Scale and I Was Shocked

I was married a year and a half and I had a half year old baby boy. One morning I got up feeling terrible. I went back to bed. My husband starting his first day in a new job wished me a good day and that I should feel better. But I felt horrible that day and had a fever. I went to a doctor who examined me, found nothing so he thought I had flu and sent me home to get some rest. Just the rest didn’t help.

From moment to moment I felt myself feeling worse. I couldn’t get out of bed. My baby was next to me in his crib and I forced myself to take care of him, otherwise I was lying in bed without strength.

On Shabbat I forced myself to go to a friend who invited us for a Shabbat meal. It was actually my birthday but I had no strength to celebrate. After Shabbat some friends came to celebrate but quickly left seeing I wasn’t in top form.

Sunday morning I felt this is already too much! I needed to get to a doctor but had no strength for the 10 minute walk. My husband was at work and had no cell phone reception so I called my father who said “make your appointment and I’m coming to take you”. My father lives an hour drive away but when he heard my voice he already knew something was wrong.

I made my appointment. My father came and brought me to the clinic but it seems there was a glitch in the computer and my appointment was with a pediatrician instead of my family doctor. The pediatrician refused to see me and the secretary told me to come back in the afternoon. My father said “don’t you see what she looks like?” The secretary begged the pediatrician but even then the pediatrician still refused to see me.
The secretary felt I still needed medical attention so she sent me to the nurses’ station. The nurses took a look at me and agreed I needed attention immediately. I went in and thank G-d no one else needed attention so they could focus on me.

The biggest miracle was that the nurse in charge of diabetics was visiting that day. She took one look at my dried lips and pale complexion and asked me to step on the scale. To my shock I lost 7 kilograms (more than 15 pounds) in two weeks without knowing about it or trying to lose weight. I was skinny anyway so this weight loss signaled something not good. The nurse took my blood sugar level. In five minutes flat I was in an ambulance with sirens wailing on my way to the hospital with severe hyperglycemia.

A few hours and many intravenous bags later things became clear. My child onset diabetes took until now to show up after the birth of my son. My blood sugar levels were so high that had I gone home instead of to the nurses’ station, my next trip would have been to my funeral. I wouldn’t have lived for my afternoon appointment!

That my father decided something was wrong and drove an hour to help me, then his shouting and getting me the help and that the head diabetic nurse should be at the clinic; these were all miracles lined up by G -d that saved my life.

Through the grace of G-d seven years have passed since then. I patiently deal with my diabetes and never forget to thank G-d daily. My son, and two more have a mother!

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