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Israel Welcomes David Freedman

This morning David Freedman gave his letter of appointment to President Reuven Rivlin in a special ambassador induction ceremony.

President Rivlin said to Freedman: “Welcome to United Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish nation for 3,000 years”.

Freedman introduced President Rivlin to his ambassador staff and his wife Tammy and his daughter Talia.

After landing yesterday Freedman went to the Kotel to pray and was accompanied by the Kotel Rabbi, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz. “We had a long flight and were tired but even so we wanted to come straight from the plane to the holiest place of the Jewish Nation, the Western Wall’, Freedman said. “I prayed for my family’s success and for the Success of the American President… please wish me well,” he added.

After their Kotel visit the ambassador and his family went to the U.S. Ambassador residence in Herzliya. Before coming to Israel the ambassador asked his study partner Rabbi Zalman Wollowek to find him people in Israel to kosher his residence kitchen. Rabbi Wollowek insisted on coming and doing the job himself and with a few young men as hired hands came to the residence on Galei Techelet Street in Herliya Pituach. After koshering the kitchen the put mezuzahs up and made the house livable for an ambassador who also keeps Halacha.

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