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What Did Putin Give Netanyahu?

Prime Minister Netanyahu received a surprise gift from President Vladimir Putin during Netanyahu’s visit to Russia. It was a first printed edition of the classic text “The War of the Jews” by the Jewish Roman Historian Josephus Flavius.

Netanyahu writes: “I was very excited to receive a surprising gesture from President Putin: A copy of the book “The War of The Jews” by Yosef Ben Mattityahu (Josephus Flavius) which was printed in Italy in 1526. This is the first edition of one of the most important books of our history.

Previously for 1500 years the manuscript was handed down and copied by hand from generation to generation. This is without a doubt an important book in the historical heritage of our nation. This book had great impact on my beloved father professor BenTzion Netanyahu of blessed memory and I first read it at age 16. I plan to give it to the National Library of Israel.

In the video below Netanyahu is truly overcome with emotion on receiving such an amazing gift. He said: “It’s incredible. It’s unbelievable. I grew up with this book! I first read it at age 16 and my father would have been even more excited!

See video below:



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