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Ivanka: “My Father Asked Me to Pray For Him During the Elections”

Donald Trump’s Jewish daughter Ivanka writes about her father’s uphill battle in running for presidency in her new book “Women Who Work”.
Her book hasn’t yet come out but excerpts were publicized in Fortune Magazine. “My father never pressed me about prayers but before the elections he called me up and said: “You must pray for me.” And I told him, “Dad we’re going to pray very hard.” The he called up Jared and said “Jared, you got to pray hard for me,” Ivanka wrote in her book.

Ivanka also relates that she is grateful for the Jewish holidays that help her lower the pressure from her father’s election campaign. “Mitzvoth allowed me to calm down during last year’s election campaign. In the max peak craziness of October, I was so grateful for the Jewish holidays, which forced me to take a break and allowed me to spend several days focused entirely on my family.”

Ivanka and Jared both have important roles in Trump’s administration and they are slated to come to Israel with President Trump on May 22nd.

Click here for the itinerary of President Trump's upcoming trip to Israel.

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