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Pray for Me and I’ll Pray for You

‘Daven For Me and I’ll Daven For You’ is a fascinating non-profit organization of pure kindness connecting Jews around globe in times of need.
The concept of the movement is based on a Talmudic dictum, ‘Kol Hamispaleil B’ad Chaveiro V’hu Tzorich L’oso Davar, Hu Ne’eneh T’chilah’, one who prays on behalf of his friend and is in similar straits, he is answered first.

Prayer is never just about you or me. It is about the fate and wellbeing of all of the Jewish People, including you and me. That’s why Daven For Me matches up people in need of similar prayers. As we learn to set aside our own worries and say Psalms for one another, the impact in heaven is indelible.
No prayers are more powerful than those we offer up with love and compassion on behalf of a fellow Jew who’s awaiting a similar salvation. When we choose to focus our requests from G-d on their needs, the answer to our prayers is never far away. So I’ll pray for you and you’ll pray for me, this way we will both witness miracles, with the help of Hashem.
Each of the thousands of members recites 5 chapters of Psalms daily on behalf of a fellow Jew. In turn, the recipient recites 5 chapters of Psalms on their behalf. The great Torah leaders of the generation have endorsed and expressed their enthusiasm for this project.
Visit ‘Daven For Me and I’ll Daven For You’ for more information.


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