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Natural medicine: Consuming These 3 Things will Protect You from Cancer

A popular US doctor named Caroline Anderson reveals a wonder drug against cancer that isn’t a drug at all. She knows it works because of research and the fact that it helped her own family fight cancer. She says: “We’re talking about 3 things so powerful that that together they make a wonder formula which prevents the spread of cancer cells in the body.”

Anderson, a surgeon by training is a radio show host and is well published in all the leading medical journals. She may have started in what doctors call conventional medicine but more than once she told program listeners that she is a fan of natural medicine and has a few natural medicine recipes in her arsenal which can heal what people call critical illnesses.

The recipe she speaks of comes from India and many of her studies prove their effectiveness.  “If you consume these 3 foods together and include them in your daily nutrition every day, even if you already have a small amount of cancer cells in your body this recipe will stop them from spreading,” Dr. Anderson promises in an article published on her blog “Diet of Life”.

The recipe is as follows: ¼ teaspoon turmeric, ½ teaspoon olive oil and a pinch of black pepper. You can add this to salads or eat it straight but don’t cook it as that would compromise the benefits of these foods.

Dr. Anderson spent a few years researching medical literature on cancer prevention and treatment and found some interesting statistics. “Eastern India has very little cancer, astoundingly low numbers. I found that that the comparison between them and North Americans of the same age were illogical when it came to breast cancer, or cancer of the lungs, colon, prostrate and other cancers. I began wonder why this was so and thought it can’t be without reason especially if you consider the lower hygienic conditions that would lead to a higher incidence of disease from exposure to contaminants in Eastern India.”

“My question is: “What is the reason for such dramatic differences between these 2 countries?” Digging further she discovered that in Eastern India they consume copious amounts of turmeric in every meal which she calls “a wonder drug.” “The anti- inflammatory properties of turmeric are wondrously strong and there is no other food ingredient that is more effective against inflammations than turmeric. The molecule in turmeric responsible for this strong effect is called curcumin and many studies have already shown that that it prevents the spread of many types of cancer cells in the body and it also stops the cells from developing blood vessels to supply them,” Dr. Anderson explains.

Dr. Anderson maintains that turmeric was used in India China and the Far East for over 2,000 years and the medical establishment should not ignore this common medicine. Professor Bharat Aggarwal of the Anderson M D cancer research center was the first to demonstrate that turmeric was very active against cancer in cell cultures.

In 2005 he succeeded in proving that turmeric even worked on lab mice that had cancer to the point that the chemotherapy stopped working. A regular dosage of turmeric slowed the spread of cells.

Dr. Anderson explains that in spite the professor’s discovery his studies didn’t get the following of his colleagues the fellow oncologists, and the reason why made Dr. Anderson upset. She explained: “When he presented his therapy as common medicine the researchers didn’t take him seriously because it wasn’t something new and they considered it primitive. When he presented curcumin as a ‘wonder drug’ his colleagues began to follow up on his research and were astounded with the findings. It’s amazing how people relate differently to the same thing when they hear the word ‘new’ or ‘wonder drug’.”

Dr. Anderson says that “to get the most benefit from turmeric don’t take it in capsule form as it gets poorly absorbed in the intestine. Just use it in its natural form.”  But why add the oil and the pepper? “If you don’t mix it with the pepper and oil it won’t get properly absorbed. Pepper makes it easy to absorb and the oil melts it to help the body absorb it,” Dr. Anderson explains.


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