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Wellness of the Mind – Introduction

The number of people suffering from mental illnesses these days is on the rise. People who were mentally healthy their whole lives, with a good self esteem, and good management and decision-making skills, are suddenly finding themselves suffering from extreme, irrational fears, delusions, painful depression, and other mental disorders.

It is rare for psychological conditions to appear without a direct cause. In most cases, they surface after a person experiences a catastrophic event, which can often be traumatizing and disturbing.

But we must remember the following idea with regard to all cases:

In the same way that preventive measures should be taken to ensure the health of the body, so too, preventive measures must be taken to ensure the health of the mind.

The earlier we begin to train ourselves and our children, while life is running smoothly, to live correctly and understand the purpose and reason for hardships in the world, the earlier we will know how to overcome and cope with them, in the event that they do, G-d forbid, occur. We will take a look at the different approaches to preventive mental care, which can ease, and in some cases even cure people suffering from psychological disorders.

The maintenance of proper mental health is contingent upon four factors:

1.      Understanding the significance and purpose of suffering in this world

2.      Preventing harmful and unnecessary emotional stress

3.      A correct and balanced approach to the flaws of society

4.      Sufficient exposure to nature

Adapted from “The Keys to Life” by Rabbi Zamir Cohen


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