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New Apple Varieties Make Appearance in Israel Just in Time for Rosh Hashanah

Kibbutz Baram farmers announced they have successfully cultivated five new apple varieties, four of which are already selling on the market on a limited scale. The Galilee Development Corporation imported these varieties from abroad.
The new varieties have an early harvest period that extends into the winter and are known for their improved taste and distinct colors. 
The varieties are:

“Ariane,” a strong red or yellow French cultivar similar to the American variety Jonathan. It has a pleasant mild flavor that is both sweet and acidic. 

“Aurora Golden Gala,” a pale yellow Canadian cultivar. Its sweet taste is somewhat milder than a Gala apple's.
“Nikolai,” an Israeli variety that is based on the Starking Delicious variety, named after an Israeli farmer from the Golan Heights who discovered it. It has a dark red color, juicy texture and a sweet taste.

“Galaval,” an intense red French variety with juicy flesh. It will only reach Israeli consumers some five years from now.
“Dalinette,” another sweet French medium-size variety that is dark red with a purple tone.


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